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You Can Call Me Charlie - Part 2

Title: You Can Call Me Charlie
Pairing, Character(s):
Naya Rivera/Dianna Agron
Word Count:
Obviously all of this is fictional and I’ve never met either of the actresses.
Warnings: crossdressing, genderplay, strap-on, spanking
Summary: The punishment…


Dianna grins as she lets her hand roam Naya’s ass. She squeezes it softly and thinks to herself that nobody can really blame her for being so… appreciative of her girlfriend’s behind. She leans down to sink her teeth in the soft flesh, feeling Naya shudder and hearing her hiss. Dianna sits up again, gives one last squeeze.

The sound of Dianna’s hand meeting Naya’s ass cheek resounds through the room. Naya’s body jerks slightly, but she keeps it perfectly still and says, as she is accustomed to saying in this situation: “Thank you.”

Another strike. “Thank you, Charlie. I deserve it.”

Dianna feels wetness pooling between her legs as the red imprint of her hand becomes visible. The strikes follow each other more and more closely. She’s careful to cause some pain, but not unbearably so. Each time her hand hits the flesh, she can feel the power surging through her body, causing her hips to buck slightly upwards, pressing the dildo into Naya’s stomach – which in turn causes the insert to rub against her clit. The sight of Naya’s naked body draped over her legs, so submissive, in combination with that feeling of dominance and the red imprints spreading make her go crazy with desire.

Naya in turn thanks Dianna for each strike and moans, breathing rapidly. She revels in the mixture of pain and pleasure, having a hard time not rubbing herself over Dianna’s leg.

By the time Dianna’s finished, both women are incredibly aroused. Dianna pulls Naya up and turns her around so that she can rest against her shoulder. Dianna rubs her back and her ass soothingly, peppering kisses all over her neck. They’re both panting with need.

“Please, Charlie,” Naya finally chokes out. “I’ve been good. Please make love to me.”

Dianna drags herself back onto the bed and sits against the pillows. “Come here. You’re lucky I’m so damn horny I need it myself.”

Naya excitedly crawls over to Dianna and straddles her hips, position the dildo against her sex. She bites her lip and leans over to kiss Dianna, in the meanwhile opening her other lips and pressing the dildo against her clit. They both shudder when Naya starts pumping the dildo up and down, the side of it rubbing her clit.

“Fuck, Naya,” Dianna pants, groaning and throwing her head back. Her hands blindly reach for Naya’s breasts, causing her girlfriend to lose focus and the dildo to slip inside.

“Oh shit,” Naya utters, her body quickly responding. “Shit, shit, shit,” she repeats, bucking her hips violently, willing the dildo to go deeper inside of her. The force of her movements works beneficial for Dianna as well and soon, they both feel themselves come closer to an orgasm.

“Charlie,” Naya groans when she feels her walls clenching, pulling it in. “Fuck, I love – I - I love you – so good, YES!”

Seeing her girlfriend go over the edge makes Dianna explode as well. “Holy FUUUUCK!” she screams. Naya removes herself and lies down next to Dianna, positioning her body so that she can rest her head on Dianna’s chest.

“That was… good,” Dianna says dreamily.

“It was.”

Dianna looks at her own hips. “I need to be cleaned up, though.”

Naya smiles, an idea popping up. “May I demonstrate a different way of doing it?” she asks, making sure that she has permission this time. She never minds a good spanking, but her orgasm was so mind-blowing that she doesn’t feel like she can take another one soon. She also know how much Dianna enjoys being in total control in the bedroom.

“Hm. I suppose so. But if I tell you to stop, you do so immediately. Understood?”

“Yes, sir.” Naya reaches down and removes the dildo from the harness. She brings it up to Dianna’s lips, coating them with Naya’s juices. Dianna groans and eagerly licks it clean as Naya moves it so that Dianna can do her job properly without using her hands. Considerate as always, Naya immediately attaches it to the harness again.

They lie there silently for a while, enjoying each other’s presence and the silence. Finally, Naya props herself up one elbow, snaking her other arm around Dianna’s waist. “Care to watch some television? The new season of Rizzoli & Isles started yesterday.”

Dianna smiles brightly. “Fuck yeah. Rizzoli is so hot.”

Naya rolls her eyes as she gets up. “That’s just because she’s a brunette,” she comments as she grabs some panties and a white V-neck T-shirt. “And by the way, Rizzoli is hot, but Isles is just way out there. She’s ten times more UNF than Rizzoli.”

“You just say that because she’s a blonde,” Dianna quips as she gets up as well and puts on the boxer shorts and the wife beater.

They banter back and forth, making their way to the living room. Dianna insists on setting everything up, making sure to wiggle her ass enough to give Naya a show. She settles down next to her and pulls her into their standard position: Dianna sitting up, Naya’s arm snaked around her waist, her head resting on her shoulder.

They watch the episode. “Abby Sherman’s kind of hot,” she comments as they watch the conversation between Rizzoli and the soldier.

“Should I be worried?” Dianna teases, a small smile playing on her lips. “All those hot chicks on the show…”

Naya rolls her eyes and gives Dianna a kiss, her hand resting on her stomach. “You know I don’t care for any of them as long as I have your sexy ass, Charlie.”

Dianna takes a deep breath. “Fuck, the things it does to me when you call me that.”

“But that’s who you are, Charlie, what else would I call you?” Naya asks, a twinkle in her eyes. Dianna pokes out her tongue and Naya quickly catches it between her lips. They lose themselves in an elaborate kiss, tongues battling but enjoying it. Dianna sucks on Naya’s lower lip, bringing her hand to cup Naya’s head and deepen the kiss.

Before either of them knows it, Naya is on Dianna’s lap and they can both feel the growing heat. Naya bucks her hips, Dianna lifts hers upwards. They’re so aroused that they both come from the dry-humping.

“Jesus,” Naya mutters, moving off of Dianna’s lap. “I guess we’ll have to rewind.”

Throughout the remainder of the episode, Naya kisses Dianna’s neck or jaw from time to time, her hand never leaving her girlfriend’s abs. When it’s finished, Dianna stretches.

“What do you say to a scary movie tonight?” Dianna asks, scratching her crotch.

Naya grins knowingly. They like to do this when Dianna is Charlie because Naya jumps up at the most obvious frights and buries her face into Dianna’s neck while Dianna can wrap her arms around her girlfriend and soothe her. “Sounds awesome, Charlie. I’m hungry, though. I believe there are some bagels left.” She stands up. “Do you want anything?”

Dianna quickly stands up and pushes Naya back down. “You sit there, princess, and I’ll get you your bagels. Want some Nutella on them?”

“Is that even a question?”

Dianna disappears into the kitchen. Naya takes the remote control to delete the episode they’ve just watched. She thinks back to how shy Dianna was when she first told her that she liked to dress and act like a boy sometimes, and that she liked to be called Charlie at those times, and that she really felt like Charlie was a person. Naya has always known that Dianna liked to dress like a boy sometimes, but she never knew it went this far. She doesn’t mind, though. Dianna acting like a gentleman always makes her feel so lady-like. Also, Dianna in men’s clothes is a sight for sore eyes.

When Dianna comes back, she ruffles Naya’s hair, earning her a whine of protest as she settles back down. She hands Naya her bagels on a plate so that the crumbs won’t mess up the couch. They eat in silence.


Dianna smiles, feeling utterly content. “Hm?”

Naya puts the plate on the table in front of her and takes Dianna’s empty one, knowing she’ll probably protest but unwilling to have Dianna do every single insignificant action for her – she likes being treated like a lady sometimes, not like a child.

“I was thinking,” Naya slowly begans, running her fingers through her hair before settling them on Dianna’s cheek, giving her a kiss. She shuffles a bit in her seat. Dianna can see that she’s nervous, but decides to let her take her time. “Wouldn’t it be nice if we could go on a vacation sometime where nobody will recognize us? Because you could… you know…” Naya choses her wording carefully. “You wouldn’t have to pretend to be Dianna,” she phrases it. She doesn’t want to break character.

Dianna gets a glint in her eye that Naya knows is reserved for thorough, heartfelt excitement. “I could be Charlie for an entire week,” she whispers.

“You could be Charlie for a week,” Naya repeats, agreeing. They both know that Dianna doesn’t really want to change into Charlie, that she doesn’t really feel like she’s a man on the inside. They do know that work is putting a lot of stress on Dianna to be the girl people want her to be and that being Charlie can work very liberating for her, that she can full-out do whatever the hell she wants to do because after all, she’s not Dianna. Naya also knows that Dianna would have a blast. And if she gets sick of being Charlie after a few days, that’s no problem either.

“I love that idea, babe,” Dianna smiles, resting her head on Naya’s shoulder, circling her arms around her waist. “I love the way you think.”

“Anything to make you happy.” Naya kisses Dianna’s head.

Dianna looks up. “If you don’t like it, we don’t have to. I mean, I’m perfectly fine not to.”

“Charlie, that look you just had on your face makes me feel warm and fuzzy and mushy inside. I know you want it. I want it too because honestly, you’re hot as fuck. It makes me happy to see you happy and it also makes me happy to see you in those outfits. It gets me all wet.” She whispered the last part in Dianna’s ear before biting on her earlobe. “Just feel for yourself.”

Dianna groans. Whatever she did in a previous life, it must have been pretty damn good to deserve this girl in her current one. She’s seriously starting to think she saved the world.

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